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Commercial Sectional Overhead Doors in Central Alberta

Red Deer Overdoor offers a variety of sectional overhead doors, great for commercial buildings, barns, sheds, and Quonsets, to its customers. These doors can be customized to the dimensions of your choice. If you’re worried about inserting windows and Lexan panels to allow the light to enter, be assured that they can be easily inserted in the overhead doors. If you’re interested in adding commercial overhead doors to your building, give our office a call to speak to our commercial staff.


This is what makes us one of the best in Alberta:

Our Therm-O-Dor™ doors are perfect for commercial and agricultural use
Our Therm-O-Dor™ doors are made of Canadian steel for maximum strength, featuring a patented mechanical interlock design that locks both exterior and interior skins together
Our Therm-O-Dor™ doors are made from galvanized steel and covered in zinc and a polyester paint topcoat, making them lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant.
Our Therm-O-Dor™ doors offer protection against break-ins

Our Collection of Commercial Overhead Doors

Steel craft



Steel-Craft’s Therm-O-Dor overhead doors are manufactured from top quality, Canadian-made steel, and are designed from the inside out to ensure maximum strength. Our doors feature a patented mechanical interlock design and heavy duty hardware. 

Together, these features offer industry leading durability and excellent protection against break-ins. 

All Therm-O-Dor overhead doors are corrosion resistant and feature treatments of a zinc base coating and two polyester topcoats. The exteriors are paintable, won’t fade, and are easy to clean. 

The TD 138 model comes with a 1-3/8" layer of polyurethane insulation, which gives an R-Value 13, twice the efficiency of competitors’ polystyrene panels. 

The TD 134 model comes with a 1-3/4" layer of polyurethane insulation, which gives an R-Value 16, twice the efficiency of competitors’ polystyrene panels. 

Steel Craft

TD 134 Avalible in 

Aluminium SA6000

Aluminium SA6000

Steel-Craft Aluminum SA6000 overhead doors mix smart design with lightweight construction. The SA6000 design has no vertical stiles, so sightlines are clean and the look is contemporary.

Our Thermoclear® lites deliver maximum visibility and high light transmission, helping to brighten large shops and work bays. 

Custom extruded rails and stiles make for very strong doors, and our engineering and leading-edge manufacturing processes add further strength. Intermediate and bottom vinyl weather stripping and rails help the door to function well in harsh climates. 

The SA6000 comes in a wide variety of colours, and a full selection of custom paint colours is available. Thermoclear® lites come in five colours to ensure you get the look you desire. Our unnecessary warranty covers all aluminum overhead doors. 

The Steel-Craft Aluminum SA6000 door features leading edge design elements combined with extremely lightweight construction. Full view sections featuring Thermoclear® with no visible vertical stiles delivers a clean look, with maximum visibility and high light transmission. 


The SA6000 comes in standard heights and widths from 8' x 6' up to 20' x 18' 


Additional custom anodizing colours are available. Please contact a Steel-Craft Dealer for details. 


color bar

A full selection of custom paint colours are available (special order). 


Thermoclear® Polycarbonate

Available in triple wall 16mm. Colour options include Clear, Bronze, Blue and Green.